Five Car Stud, 2018

Documentary film on digital cinema.

video, color, sound, 15"37'

Courtesy of the artist


The installation Five Car Stud (1969-72) by Edward Kienholz, seen by Luc Tuymans in the exhibition dedicated by Fondazione Prada to the work of Edward Kienholz and Nancy Reddin Kienholz in  2016-17, was seminal for the conception of this exhibition. In this work , Luc Tuymans recognises an aspect of overwhelming violence that makes it an emblematic piece in terms of the relationship between Baroque painting and contemporary art. Five Car Stud was included in the first version of “Sanguine” held at the M HKA in Antwerp from June to September 2018, exhibited in an inflatable structure outside the museum that replicated the display with which Kienholz showed it for the first time at documenta 5 in Kassel in 1972. Alex Salinas (Antwerp, 1971) documented the assembly process in Antwerp and a conversation between Nancy Kienholz and Luc Tuymans during the installation.


The film was part of the “Sanguine” exhibition in Fondazione Prada,

from 18 Oct 2018 - 25 Feb 2019



Screenshots from the film.